High-performance Resin with Improved Friction Characteristics

21 January 2010

Ultrason KR 4113, is the latest addition to the BASF polyethersulfone product line (PESU), and is purposely built to offer strong friction characteristics.

By combining carbon fibres, graphite and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), manufacturers were able to gain surprising results, confirmed by tribological investigation specialist, Nanoprofile of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Testing involved unidirectional sliding wear tests, using the ring-on-plate principle. In this test, a plastic specimen under a high load slides against a ring-shaped counterbody of hardened chrome steel at a defined speed under non-lubricated conditions. Once this has been carried out, Nanoprofile measured at the penetration of the counterbody into the test specimen.

According to BASF, results showed that wear rate for classic Ultrason E 2010 is about 420 (10-6 mm³ N-1 m-1), the carbon-fibre-reinforced Ultrason E 2010 C6 has a value of only 3.0 and Ultrason KR 4113 is just 1.5.

In addition to the low wear and friction characteristics that were measured, Ultrason KR 4113 is said to offer oil resistance, high dimensional stability and thermal stability up to 200 °C, which BASF say makes it ideal for applications such as oil pumps.

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