Tesla Celebrates 1,000th Roadster

15 January 2010

Electric motorcar manufacturer Tesla Motors has built its 1,000th production vehicle, a special edition “Millennial White,” Roadster, VIN 1,000.

The vehicle features a unique interior and carbon fibre accents and is currently on display at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Detroit, Michigan.

The Tesla is built from light materials, including a carbon fibre body in order to help give the vehicle a high power to weight ratio.

""A year ago right here in Detroit we had delivered about 150 Roadsters, so VIN 1,000 is a humble but important milestone for us,"" said Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

To celebrate this milestone, Tesla will be donating the $175,000 (US) suggested retail price of the vehicle to a number of charities.

In addition to this news, Tesla has showcased its latest model at the NAIAS, the Model S. Telsa say the electric Model S can carry up to seven passengers, will cost around $49,900 (US) and will be in production during 2012.

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