Advanced Composites Group Launches New BMI Tooling and Component Matrix Systems

09 February 2010

Advanced Composites Group (ACG), has launched two new additions to its range of Bismaleimide (BMI) matrix systems. The new matrix systems, which are said to offer superior handling, performance and high temperature capability, are aimed at the structural tooling and component markets.

HTM 556, developed specifically for structural applications where high service temperatures are required, offers continuous service temperatures of 200°C (392°F). HTM556 also offers improved toughness and resistance to micro-cracking.

HTM 515-1 is a Bismalimide matrix system optimised for tooling applications. HTM515-1 offers similar improvements in handling and can tolerate thermal cycling to 250°C (480°F).

HTM515-1 also exhibits improved toughness and resistance to micro cracking leading to improved vacuum integrity and extended tool life.

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