SPE Launches ‘SPE PRO’

04 February 2010

The Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) has launched ‘SPE PRO,’ a new service which provides a regularly updated selection of edited briefs in plastics technology and polymer science.

SPE aim for this service to eventually include more than 80 briefs at time, with new additions made weekly and available via email, RSS feed, or Twitter. Older briefs will be archived in SPE’s Online Technical Library and made accessible only to SPE members.

“SPE encourages everyone—SPE member or not—to take advantage of this new resource for competitiveness and professional advancement,” said Tom Conklin, SPE’s Director of Marketing and Sales. “All of the briefs to be posted will be based on technical papers and journal articles prepared by experts and professionally edited for clarity and ease of understanding,” added Conklin.

The initial list of categories in which briefs will be available includes Applied Rheology, Bioplastics, Engineering Properties, Extrusion, Failure Analysis, Injection Moulding, and Plastics Nanotechnology.

“We expect to have at least a dozen briefs at a time posted in each of these categories, and we may well add categories in the future,” concluded Conklin.

Briefs currently online can be viewed at or accessed via a Plastics Research Online link in the Technical Resources section on the SPE website homepage.

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