IDES Prospector Improves Design

04 February 2010

IDES have recently updated its Prospector search engine. Datasheets for more than 1,800 polymers now show Dry and Conditioned plastics data side-by-side, so that designers can view all the information they need on one datasheet.

‘Dry’ refers to data that is obtained from a sample of material with equivalent moisture content as when it was moulded (typically <0.2%), while ‘Conditioned’ refers to data obtained from a sample of material that has absorbed some environmental moisture at 50% relative humidity prior to testing. The vast majority of dry and conditioned data is seen with polyamide (Nylon) materials.

“Dry and Conditioned data for plastic materials listed in Prospector has always been available, though on separate datasheets. Our customers requested to have the data available on the same datasheet; it’s been something we’ve wanted to correct in order to represent the data as accurately as possible. The timing and technology came together and we decided to fix it,” said Mike Kmetz, President and founder of IDES.

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