Naxcer Composites Group Merges with Invictus Armor Solutions

19 February 2010

Naxcer Composites Group has merged with Invictus Armor solutions, specialists in the design and development of body armour used by military and law enforcement personnel.

The joint entity will retain the Naxcer Composites Group corporate structure and name. Invictus Armor Solutions will be the brand of all advanced body armour system solutions as part of the change.

Naxcer CEO Andrew Chumney described the merger as, “an obvious next step in the organization’s evolution as a premier provider of Advanced Composite and Ballistic solutions.” He went on to explain, “Travis and Invictus Armor Solutions bring not only ground breaking innovation, design, and development to Naxcer but compliment our commitment to leadership and stewardship in uncertain times.” Naxcer Composite Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Madsen, echoed the sentiment. “Our Invictus Body Armor System, under Travis’ guidance, is a game changer.”

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