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Nicos Celebrates Chairman’s Award

12 February 2010

Nicos Polymers Group is celebrating winning the ""Chairman's Award"" from GPEC 2010 Environmental Awards, recognizing ""Sustainability & Recycling: Raising the Bar in Today's Economy.""

Nicos Polymers Group received this award for the innovation of a proprietary process for the removal of continuous fibre reinforcement from flexible composites, allowing for a clean recovery of the polymer substrate.

The process, originally developed for reclaiming PVC from garden hose, is also said to yield excellent results with industrial hoses, single-ply roofing membrane (both TPO and PVC based), and architectural wall coverings.

Nicos Polymers Group reclaims an estimated 11 million pounds of material per year though this process and this number is expected to increase as sustainability continues to be a driving force in manufacturing and demand remains high for recycled materials.

The award will be presented during the SPE's Global Plastics Environmental Conference March 8-10, 2010 at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center, Orlando, Florida.

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