Gurit Launches Full Range of PVCell G-Foam core materials

20 August 2010

Gurit has completed the development of its new range of PVC structural foams, and the full PVCell G-Foam family has now been launched to the market.

The PVCell G-Foam family is a foam material category developed and produced at the Gurit subsidiary in Qingdao/PR China. It is used in the manufacture of wind turbine rotor blades for the local Chinese market where PVC foams are widely used. With the launch of PVCell G-Foam, Gurit intends to expand its position in the materials market for rotor blades that are built using infusion technology.

Starting from the PVC production know-how of China Techno Foam which was acquired in 2009, the new material range was rapidly developed in a joint Gurit and China Techno Foam R&D process: The development of the first material grade (G60 – i.e. 60 kg/m3) had been finished by the end of 2009, and the material was successfully introduced to the market in spring. PVCellTM G60 is tested and fully qualified by Germanischer Lloyd. The development of the additional grades (G45, G80, G100, G130 and G200) has now been completed and the full product family is now available. The respective product data sheet can be downloaded at in the data sheets and brochures section. The procedure to gain full product accreditation with Germanischer Lloyd as well as Det Norske Veritas for all grades is well under way.

China Techno Foam, fully ISO 9001:2008 certified since April 2010, has successfully ramped up production of the PVCellTM G-Foam family and has the possibility to double the initial capacity over the next 12 months, depending on the development of the demand.

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