Anti-Dumping Measures on Glass Fibre Products from China

13 August 2010

Following their recent note concerning trade measures imposed by India and Turkey on glass fibre originating from China, EuCIA fears that the European users might be faced with similar measures at the EU level.

The ongoing investigation into glass fibre products originating in China (AD549) is coming to a first conclusion. The anti-dumping complaint was lodged in 2009 by the European Glass Fibre Producers (APFE). According to European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) sources, the European Commission plans provisional measures of 43.6% on glass fibre products as of 17 September.

EuCIA says that the European composites industry considers that such measures would be absolutely against the Community interest and will be detrimental for the composites users in the short and long term. According to EuCIA, the current glass fibre shortage and persistent low business confidence is a result of the crisis is currently experienced by the European composites industry. To add to this situation, the users are now running the risk of being faced with unrealistic and very high anti-dumping duties.

National governments were expected to provide their written opinion by the 11th of August. Based on the input received from the national governments of all 27 Member States, the European Commission will formulate its decision regarding provisional duties.

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