Plasti-Fab Recycles and Reuses Fiberglass in Composites Manufacturing

05 April 2010

Plasti-Fab has begun large-scale integration of their recycled FRP, reducing negative emissions and the use of non-sustainable materials.

Plasti-Fab's recent acquisition of custom-made Seawolf equipment for large scale recycling allows Plasti-Fab to collect various waste, trim, and overspray materials which can then create a compound reused in several closed mold manufacturing processes. Plasti-Fab say that the more efficient production not only cleans up the production process, but also results in a recycled material that can replace previously used non-biodegradable foam core in Plasti-Fab's fluid control gates and stop logs.

Currently, Plasti-Fab say that they can recycle over 1000 pounds of FRP a month, replacing the equivalent of 1280 square feet of the non-biodegradable foam materials. In addition to being a greener solution,, the new recycled compound is a much stronger substitute, completing the prosperous relationship between manufacturer, customer, and environment. Plasti-Fab has already been integrating other environmentally conscious efforts, including the recent elimination of acetone as a solvent, rapid transition from an open mold to a closed mold, and closed system delivery of resins. According to VP of Operations, Larry Richardson, all this combined has established Plasti-Fab's commitment to sustainable processes for the environment.

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