New Cure Monitoring System from Synthesites

05 April 2010

Synthesites has recently launched Optimold II, a system for real-time and in-situ cure monitoring in composites manufacturing.

Optimold is a process monitoring system with a focus on composite materials manufacturing which includes non-intrusive durable sensors and monitors resin’s electrical resistivity and temperature. An advanced electronic system allows the in-situ and real-time monitoring of the full transformation of thermoset or thermoplastic resins providing qualitative indicators such as viscosity rise, gelation and end-of-cure and quantitative measurements.

Synthesites say that comparison to dielectric systems showed that Optimold is powerful particularly after gelation where monitoring is faster, more reliable and less vulnerable to carbon fibres. Furthermore, they say that Optimold is cheaper and simpler with very robust sensors which can be installed in the mould, in the die and in the feeding or the evacuation lines for RTM, LightRTM, Vacuum Infusion, Pultrusion, SMC, BMC and other processes.

According to Synthesites, the industrial use of Optimold in an RTM application led to 36% decrease of processing time and 80% increase in the production rate.

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