Advanced Engineering 2019

Egypt Pavilion Meets China World Expo Fire Regulations

09 July 2010

The Egypt pavilion currently on display at the China World Expo in Shanghai covers 500 sq. meters and took three months to complete, constructed by E-Grow, a local company commissioned to provide the pavilion.

TeXtreme Helps Formula Student Teams Lose 30kg

09 July 2010

TeXtreme spread tow fabrics are being used by five different teams in this year’s Formula Student competitions, with the teams being able to lose 30 kilos of weight on their composites parts over last year.

Gastank Sweden Complete Development of Fibreglass CNG Tanks

09 July 2010

High pressure cylinders for motor vehicles that use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for their propulsion can now benefit from lightweight, cost competitive, advanced composite materials.