Athena Composite Trim Centre Available in the UK

21 September 2009

The Athena composite trim centre has recently been added to the range of 5 axis CNC machine centres available in the UK from CMS Industries

Designed specifically for trimming complex formed components, the Athena offers the ability to process a wide variety of non ferrous materials including carbon fibre, honeycomb, model block, plastic and aluminium materials.

The Athena has a large capacity envelope with X axis 3000mm Y axis 1500mm with a choice of either 800mm or 1200mm on the Z axis. The movements of these axes are made via precision rack and pinion offering maximum positioning speed of the axes up to 90 m/min.

The rotary gearbox assemblies on the B & C axis give the Athena the flexibility to work in either 3+2 or full five axis simultaneous mode, the powerful spindle operates at up to 27,000 rpm and is fitted with either 6 or 12 position automatic tool change system

CMS Powerarm software comes as standard simplifying the programming of the machine allowing digitised points from a sample component to be turned quickly and easily into a program to drive the machine

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