MetoKote Recognise PPG as 2009’s Supplier of the Year

11 September 2009

PPG Industries have been awarded the inaugural Supplier of the Year 2009 by MetoKote Corporation. MetoKote recognized PPG for overall excellence in delivering outstanding quality product and service.

“The global success of MetoKote as one of the largest coating applicators in the world would not be possible without the suppliers, whose expertise and experience support our development, production and advancements in the coatings market,” said DeWayne Pinkstaff, CEO of MetoKote Corporation.

“PPG is continually improving their material to provide us with product that is environmentally “green” and has been extremely supportive in every facet of our operations to help us deliver top quality coated products to our customers,” Pinkstaff added.

Bill Wulfsohn, senior vice president of Industrial Coatings for PPG Industries, accepted this award from MetoKote. “It is a great honour to accept this award from MetoKote on behalf of PPG, as we pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service to all of our customers. We view MetoKote as one of our top customers and it is crucial to both of our futures that we work hand-in-hand to deliver exceptional coatings to many different industries. We have a long-standing relationship with MetoKote and look forward to partnering with them for many years to come.”

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