CSR10 – ‘Longer-Lasting’ Retardant for Polymeric Pre-Mixes

11 September 2009

Bac2 say that their latest development, CSR10, a latent acid catalyst, can be added to highly reactive pre-polymeric resins, enabling them to be stored for three months prior to controlled polymerization at around 120 degrees C.

The company says that this technology is better than alternative catalysts, which they say have relatively poor storage characteristics, which either retard violent polymerization reactions for just a few hours or require temperatures above 200 degrees C for activation.

Pre-polymeric resins catalyzed by acids include phenol-formaldehyde resoles, furfuryl alcohol resins and amino-formaldehyde resins. They are widely used in everyday products including chipboard and laminates, composites in glass-reinforced plastics, foam insulation, abrasives and many other high volume products.

Bac2 have used CSR10 to harness the reactivity of pre-polymers and say that this has reduced materials handling and processing costs, and enabled them to use a wider range of pre-polymers in industrial applications.

The catalyst was originally developed for use with ElectroPhen, Bac2’s conductive polymer used in the production of components for fuel cell plates. In this application it had been necessary to pre-mix the catalyst and resin immediately before molding.

The development of CSR10 has enabled storage life of the pre-mix to be extended from 30 minutes to over 3 months.

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