ABMACO Establishes ‘Seal of Quality’ for Composite Tiles

11 September 2009

In order to curb the trend of manufacturing poor-quality composite tiles, the Brazilian Composite Materials Association (ABMACO) have created the Tiles Quality Program.

This scheme aims to set a standard of quality for all composite tiles and will result in the ABMACO giving manufacturers a seal of approval to those that adhere to their regulations.

The ABMACO hope that by developing a Seal of Quality they can increase consumer awareness and dissuade purchasers from buying an inferior product.

“Major home centres in the country will receive from ABMACO a kit containing displays, brochures and promotional material about the seal. Manufacturers of tiles that manage to get it will be able to use it as a tool for competitive differentiation”, says Paulo Camatta, Executive Manager of ABMACO.

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