Vertu Launch Carbon Fibre Ascent Ti

01 September 2009

Luxury mobile phone manufacturer, Vertu, have just released their latest offering – the Carbon Fibre Ascent Ti. The handset, principally made out of carbon fibre composite, is set to retail at around $10,000.

Vertu claims that the handmade phones are designed to be tough and durable, having selected a 1k weave of carbon fibre to achieve not only a stunning look but a product with a high level of strength-to-weight ratio.

The diagonal rib appearance of each phone is achieved using a twill carbon fibre weave process resulting in a robust and contemporary handset.

This latest Vertu collection includes the Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre Limited Edition, Carbon Fibre Grip, Carbon Fibre & Aluminium Grip and Carbon Fibre & Copper Grip.

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