V6SC Showing at Composites Europe 2009

09 October 2009

The new V6SC resin injection machine from Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP) is due to be showcased during this year’s Composite Europe, being held later this month in Stuttgart, Germany.

According to MVP, VS6C has been specifically designed to meet the processing requirements of single component resin systems e.g. Cytec Engineered Materials’ Cycom 890, or Hexcel’s RTM6, which require high levels of injection control and monitoring in terms of flow, pressure and temperature.

MVP say that by using the water temperature control approach it ensures that no cold spots and no over-temperature levels are to be found as is the risk with previously available electrical heater jacket systems. This provides longer pot life of unused resin as its thermal ageing is decreased considerably.

The ThermoJect V6SC is powered entirely by pneumatics, whilst the hot water temperature control source may be placed many meters outside the moulding area and connected to the machine by simple flow pipes, thus safely removing all heavy duty electrics from the resin moulding area.

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