Composite Busch SA partnered by Araldite wins Innovation Award at JEC 2009 Asia

30 October 2009

Composite Busch and Huntsman Advanced Materials are the winners of the JEC 2009 Asia Award in the Sports and Leisure category for their work on the Nano IV hockey stick.

Dr. M. S. Ho, APAC Technology Director Huntsman Advanced Materials said: “A close working relationship between the Busch design and production team and our materials specialists won the Award. Busch used a third generation toughened high-end resin, Araldite NanoTech Composite RTM system to produce an innovative world beating “Nano IV” one-piece hockey stick which met the most stringent demands of ice hockey players.”

""The hockey stick has significantly improved resistance to fracture whilst other vital physical properties such as flexural modulus, temperature resistance and viscosity are not affected,” added Dr.Ho.

Araldite NanoTech Composite RTM is designed to be a tough, stiff material which is able to withstand shock without developing micro – cracks. It makes it ideal for any situation where there are parts which are exposed to high stress and impact – not just in the sports and leisure sectors but for any structural application that requires a higher level of impact resistance such as for wind blades.

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