Indumold Added to RocTool Range

23 October 2009

RocTool have acquired Indumold moulding technology, which was developed by Kunststoff Institut Lüdenscheid, Germany.

With Indumold and the Cage System available, RocTool are now able to offer its customers an expanded induction heating technology portfolio. Now, the induction heating circuits can either be integrated in the mould with the Indumold technology, or around the mould by using Cage System technology.

Currently RocTool owns 13 patents, which allows it to provide a strategic offer adapted to each part in order to maximize the potential of both technologies.

“We have acquired four new patents, and we now can provide an enlarged offer through licensing agreements, with a higher protection for users. Our offer becomes global. The choice will be determined by materials and targeted applications: the most important thing is to offer the client an adapted answer to each type of production,” said Alexandre Guichard, CEO of RocTool.

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