ACG’s New VTM260 and MTM Series Matrix Systems Take Centre Stage at METS 2009

23 October 2009

Advanced Composites Group Ltd. Will be exhibiting its VTM and MTM Series prepregs to the marine industry at METS 2009, which takes place between the 17th and 19th November.

ACG say that their VTM260 Series prepregs offer ease of handling in the workshop, long freezer out life and controlled flow combine with a broad processing window with a 65°C low temperature initial cure or reduced total cycle. Process innovations such as ZPREG partial impregnation technology and supporting range of surface plies and adhesives have further enhanced the range, making VTM260 series one of the most user-friendly prepreg systems available.

VTM267, a new addition to the range, is said to offer improved workshop handling through reduced temperature sensitivity and controlled tack levels. According to ACG, the flow profile of VTM267 improves fibre wet out, thereby reducing void levels, improving laminate quality, making it particularly suited to the partial impregnation of heavier reinforcement fabrics.

For applications where the flexible cure profile of the VTM system is not required, two new 80 to 120°C curing variants, MTM®57-2 and MTM®57-3, offer the same enhancements to the Group’s MTM57 prepreg.

2009 has been a successful year for ACG’s marine prepregs. This year the Ericsson Racing Team won the Volvo Ocean Race with ACG as its official supplier for all prepreg composite materials for boat construction.

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