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Clear-Coated Carbon ‘C-Boat’ is Completed

02 October 2009

Officially launched at the Monaco Yacht Show this week, the C-Boat is a clear-coated carbon structure designed by Humphreys Yacht Design and built by Jason Carrington.

By using composite materials supplied by Gurit, manufacturers say that they have made the boat lighter, stronger and faster, with a maximum speed of up to 45 knots.

Through the extensive use of composites, the boat is extremely light, weighing just 1200kg in total including the engines, and is very efficient in terms of fuel consumption. In addition to this, the boat has a variety of other features including its shallowdraft, waterjets, and modern high-end, sleek finish and the fact that it was built using a combination of SP’s prepregs including SE84 LV, SE70 and SPRINT ST70.

The main prepreg used, SE84 LV, was chosen for its high compressive strength and is used in large, heavily loaded components. Gurit say that it is due to these properties that the prepreg has previously been selected for use by various America’s Cup syndicates and boats racing in the Volvo Ocean Race.

SP’s Corecell, a structural marine foam core widely accepted for the construction of large, high performance structures, was also used for the hull, deck and bulkheads and was instrumental in improving the speed of boat production as well as in creating significant weight reduction.

Jason Carrington said, “Thanks to the materials of the SP team C-Boat is an advanced powerboat with high-level performance and fuel-efficiency unmatched by any other boat of its kind, and its unique, sleek look truly sets it apart. We’ll be showcasing her for the first time at Monaco Yacht Show, and due to her success we have plans to build more boats to the same or a similar concept.”

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