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KMT Introduces Wind Turbine Blade Cut and Drill System

14 October 2009

The RCD system uses KMT’s AccuFind technology to quickly and accurately locate the wind turbine blades placed into the robot system for processing. This automated blade locating method could save significant set-up time for the operators, eliminating the need to make fine adjustments of the blade position required with CNC systems.

KMT Robotic Solutions, have launched its Root End Cut and Drill (RCD) Wet Processing Robotic Automation System for utility-scale composite Wind Turbine Blades. KMT’s new Wet Processing System is said to provide further improvements in both cycle time and dust management.

“KMT’s approach to Root End Cut and Drill was to leverage our experience in automating the trimming of large composite parts. We did that by utilizing our patent-pending AccuFind technology to eliminate a majority of the set-up time that blade manufacturer’s were being forced to accept with the alternative technologies available”, said Development Manager Chuck Abrams. “We use this technology to locate the root end center and when desired by the manufacturer, to locate the entire blade in 3D space so that the blade length and zero pitch offset can be determined.”

“As demand for wind turbines continues to grow, our customers continue to look for cost effective ways to meet this increased demand within their existing facilities while still achieving high quality and precision”, said KMT’s Mark Handelsman, Wind Turbine Industry Sales Manager. “Our Root End Cut and Drill Systems along with our Edge and Surface Finishing Systems are a key part of the overall solution to meeting the needs of our wind turbine blade manufacturing customers.”

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