Flow Introduces Dynamic 3D Cutting Technology

06 November 2009

Flow International Corporation, the specialist developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology, has just released its latest development, the Dynamic Waterjet XD, which is says is more accurate, faster and flexible than its predecessors.

Dynamic Waterjet XD introduces high-precision 3D cutting technology. Its manufacturer’s say that this technology improves part cycle time and accuracy of 2 – 4 times that of standard non Dynamic systems, and is 30% faster than Flow’s industry leading original Dynamic technology.

Using the Dynamic Waterjet XD, manufacturers will be able to cut a wider variety of intricate designs. The new 3D advancements have been integrated with Flow’s original Dynamic Waterjet technology, which eliminates taper and other errors found on waterjet cut parts.

“Now more than ever, the manufacturing industry demands cost-effective methods for parts production,” said Chip Burnham, vice president of marketing. “Customers need to be able to handle complex geometries, and even faster, more accurate cutting from their waterjet. Dynamic XD gives Flow the opportunity to meet our customers’ needs in producing complex, high-precision parts.”

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