Fibermaq Creates Clamp for RTM

06 November 2009

The latest development from Fibermaq claims to offer a simplistic solution for an everyday problem. Fibermaq’s new clamp is designed to close the resin injection hose used in the RTM Light process, therefore stopping resin flow, and the company believe it will be a more practical alternative to current technologies.

Currently, the most popular way of stopping resin flow that has been injected into a mould is by using locking pliers. Besides being heavy, pliers require a new adjustment every time a part is manufactured. However, Fibermaq’s clamp is lightweight and is said to be exactly the same gauge of the hoses; simply adjust it and that is all. It is as simple as that.

“The clamp makes the process significantly faster”, says José Batista de Andrade, Fibermaq’s CEO and creator of the new clamp. The company had already an extensive list of accessories for RTM. “We manufacture fittings, injection nozzles, tanks, hoses and sealing profiles, which are all designed with the purpose to facilitate the operator’s work”, he adds.

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