TenCate Advanced Armour Introduces New Variations of Pro Tector

27 November 2009

TenCate Advanced Armour introduced new versions of TenCate Pro-Tector at this year’s Milipol Exhibition, demonstrating their suitability for use on both men and women.

TenCate Pro-Tector is a proprietary coated ballistic technology based on aramid fibres, combined with a variation of resin systems. This is said to result in a flexible, lightweight, high-performance material, mostly intended for use in personal protection solutions. However, they can also be used in other applications where weatherproof or even blast-resistant properties are an advantage.

According to manufacturers, the TenCate Pro-Tector high tech product range provides several significant advantages, including strong durability with increased abrasion resistance for better performance under tough conditions.

TenCate Pro-Tector can be used for protection against a range of bullets, knives, spikes, fragments and other edged objects.

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