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Simulayt Develop New Finite Element Based Fibre Simulation

26 November 2009

Simulayt Limited have developed a new finite element based fibre simulation for complex fabrics.

This advancement extends the existing capabilities of Simulayt’s Advanced Fiber Modeler (AFM) for CATIA product to model multi-axial fibre architectures, knitted fabrics, core materials and other commonly-used materials not covered by existing Uniaxial or Biaxial simulations.

The new simulation can also handle complex cut out shapes often encountered on intricate components using these materials. This additional capability is available to all existing AFM users.

John Klintworth, CEO of Simulayt, commented: “Our customers are using increasingly sophisticated fibre architectures in order to improve process efficiency and reduce costs. They need to simulate the process and generate analysis and manufacturing data for these novel procedures within existing toolsets. This capability shows our commitment to providing advanced fibre simulations meeting industrial requirements and delivered seamlessly to end users within the familiar environment of the CATIA Composites Workbench.”

Simulayt’s Advanced Fiber Modeler is completely integrated within the CATIA Composites Workbench. All input data and results are stored in CATIA and can be utilized within CATIA or exported to specialist analysis tools via Simulayt’s Composites Link.

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