Ferguson Beauregard Switch to Composite Enclosures

11 May 2009

When Ferguson Beauregard began the process of re-evaluating their line of metallic enclosures, they explored the benefits of composite products offered by Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures.

The suggestion of possibly converting to non-metallics faced real challenges within Ferguson Beauregard because once before they had tried unsuccessfully to switch from a stainless steel enclosure to a composite enclosure. The earlier effort to convert failed because even though they were saving money the integrity of the non-metallic option was comprised by degradation caused by exposure to UV radiation. As a result, many of their customers returned the enclosure after a short time in the field. It was not practical to repair these returned enclosures, so ultimately they returned to stainless steel.

As they studied Stahlin's product line, however, they became aware that significant improvements in the formulation of fibreglass compounds now reliably resist the damage caused by UV, and made the Switch to Stahlin Non-Metallic Composite Enclosures.

Ferguson Beauregard are now using Stahlin's modified J series (1210) and modified DiamondShield (1816) enclosures to house their controls. By switching to non-metallic composite enclosure moulded exclusively from Stahlin’s SolarGuard they say that they are able to save our customers money and are still able to continue to provide an enclosure that performs effectively even while exposed to UV light.

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