Fibermaq Releases Equipment to Monitor Corrosion of Composite Tanks

04 March 2009

Traditional machine, tools and accessories manufacturer, Fibermaq has just released Spirit, equipment designed to measure the residual thickness of the corrosion barrier of composite tanks.

When fixed inside the reservoirs, Spirit performs a wall rasping, indicating the extension of damages caused by the aggressive environment and the appropriate repair depth. ""It alerts tank users, target public of the new product, about the correct time to execute a maintenance stoppage"", explains José Batista de Andrade, Fibermaq CEO.

Spirit's concept was designed by Antonio Carvalho, market development manager of Reichhold and writer of several books on composites . ""There is nothing in the world like Spirit"", states Carvalho. According to him, ""the erroneous belief that aggressive environments destroy mechanical properties of the composites prevails among specialists. As a matter of fact, they do destroy the corrosion barrier, and Spirit measures such destruction"".

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