New Line of Vinyl Ester Resins from Interplastic

05 June 2009

Interplastic has a new line of vinyl ester resins for acrylic adhesion applications.

The CORVE8132LH series are low HAP (hazardous air pollutant) vinyl ester resins designed for superior adhesion to acrylic in a wide range of conditions and applications.

It is a high strength MACT compliant product for open mold applications such as tub/shower, whirlpool spa and hot tubs.

For manufacturers the temperature of the mould, resin and air during an application all play an important part in the adhesion of resin to the acrylic substrate. Interplastic’s CORVE8132LH series resins were specially designed for composite manufacturers to use in open moulding applications as low as 13°C (55°F). Selection of the proper resin is crucial to getting the proper adhesion to provide strength and hardness to the finished product. A typical application would be using this new resin as a skin coat behind a thermoformed acrylic sheet to promote adhesion between the acrylic and the structural laminate.

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