Connect Composites Delivers Extractable Seats to Superleague Formula Series

05 June 2009

When the Superleague Formula motor racing series needed a new seat for their existing car they approached Connect Composites, the specialist composites manufacturing consultancy, with a remit to design and deliver race seats compliant to the highest safety specification available.

From its research through the various motorsport technical regulations, Connect determined that the top international motorsport series currently specified extractable seats that allowed injured drivers to be immobilised and removed from the car under medical supervision whilst still attached to the seat. As an additional requirement the seats had to be compatible with existing safety marshalling equipment and practises in use at most major race tracks around the world to ensure that Superleague could have race anywhere in the world.

With a very tight timetable Connect Composites rapidly came up with a concept that would fit the existing car and meet all safety and operational requirements. The approval of the design was quickly followed by the production of the engineering and manufacturing specifications which in combination with the selection of the right supplier ensured that the seats were completed in the very demanding eight weeks schedule.

Connect Composites Ltd. is a consultancy that offers a complete support service in composites manufacturing for new as well as existing users. Our advisory services include composites manufacturing improvement, product design and development, supply chain optimisation as well as complete project management. In addition to these technical services we also supply components and assemblies directly whatever the requirement we can usually help.

Connect managed the complete project from the initial request, to the delivery of ready for installation carbon fibre seats, ensuring that cost, quality and delivery met the Superleague requirements. Robin Webb the league Competition Director commented: “As with all world class motorsport series safety was paramount to Superleague Formula. Connect Composites delivered high quality components which met the specifications on schedule and within budget. We were really pleased to have them as partners in this project”

As part of the NetComposites group, Connect Composites offers a consultancy and brokerage service based on our extensive expertise in composites manufacturing. They provide an expert service giving advice from the design stage all the way to the supply of composite components.

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