Closed Mold Alliance Launches Website

05 June 2009

The Closed Mold Alliance has launched a website aimed at those wishing to convert to closed mould manufacturing.

The website will offer general closed moulding information, educational opportunities, access to expert consultation and closed mould specific products. Those visiting the site will also find various resources, including photos and videos, as well as a means to request a “How to Get Started in Closed Moulding Kit”. The site will also provide links to the Alliance member websites where more information can be found on closed moulding, lean manufacturing, equipment and systems, tooling, and composites material information.

The Closed Mold Alliance is comprised of: Composites One, Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP), RTM North and FormaShape, a division of Whitewater Composites.

The Alliance offers manufacturers closed mould education and expert consultation, customized tooling education and production, materials and equipment along with in-house start-up assistance and training. A series of closed mould-related educational programs is offered through Closed Mold University and provide excellent opportunities for manufacturers to gain technical knowledge, as well as practical, hands-on training and experience.

“Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance are the industry leaders in closed mold education and conversion. The Alliance offers composites manufacturers the complete package of training, tooling, materials and equipment,” said Greg Shymske, Vice President of Marketing. “The Alliance also offers the strength of Composites One regulatory expertise helping to meet the needs created by today’s environmental concerns.”

“We are very pleased to offer this online tool together with MVP, RTM North and FormaShape. With our combined expertise, this is just another way the Closed Mold Alliance is able to provide the industry an effective road map to closed mold success,” concluded Shymske.

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