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SmartCAE becomes a Reseller of Helius:MCT

22 June 2009

Firehole Technologies has partnered with SmartCAE to market and sell Firehole's Helius brand of advanced composites simulation software.

The Prato, Italy based company is the first company chosen as a Firehole Certified Reseller.

""We are very excited about expanding our reach into Europe, and specifically into Italy with SmartCAE,"" said Jerad Stack, CEO of Firehole Technologies. ""In many respects, Europe is years ahead of the US in their use of composite materials and SmartCAE is the perfect partner to help us capitalize on this market.""

""The staff at SmartCAE have extensive experience in composites analysis and they truly understand the value that improved simulation results can provide to a wide variety of industries. We are looking forward to jointly solving the composites design challenges of their Italian customers,"" added Emmett Nelson, Firehole's COO.

""We are proud to have been selected by Firehole to support their technology in Italy. This new partnership confirms our focus and competence in the analysis and simulation of composite materials,"" said Francesco Palloni, SmartCAE's Business Development Manager.

SmartCAE has a long history of quality customer support to a broad range of composite users across Europe. Their dedication to composite analysis expertise led to their selection as a Firehole Certified Reseller - tasked to provide the highest level of service to the end users of Helius products.

""A simple, robust and predictive simulation tool, able to accurately identify the failure and the post-failure behavior of general composite structure was an analyst's dream until now. The innovative Firehole multi-scale approach provides an outstanding value to our customers because of its proven effectiveness and sound physical basis,"" concluded Simone Ragionieri, SmartCAE's General Manager.

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