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New High Density/High Definition Tooling Planks

22 June 2009

CASS Polymers of Michigan has introduced two new Tooling Planks, DP-1051 HD Die Plank and PP-1052 HD Pattern Plank.

These High Density/High Definition Tooling Planks are said to be harder and denser making them better able to handle the most intricate cuts. They are designed to be a lightweight, tough and cost effective alternative to various metals. CASS say that shared characteristics of these planks are excellent dimensional stability, good wear resistance, ease of machining, no grain and low dust when machining. These HD Tooling Planks are a more filled version of their original DP-1051 Die Plank and PP-1052 Pattern Plank and give the composites industry an alternative to other composite board materials.

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