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Fibermaq Launches Equipment for the Application of Multicoloured Gelcoat

22 June 2009

Fibermaq has finished the assembly of Fibermaq Multicolors, a machine for spray application of up to 4 gelcoat colours.

“Fibermaq Multicolors is indicated for people who wish to give a granite effect to their parts, such as synthetic marble lavatory manufacturers”, said Christian de Andrade, CEO. Thanks to the linear positioning of the gelcoat pumps, the new Fibermaq machine allows an individual colour adjustment. “Such a project also facilitates equipment handling,"" says Andrade.

Another special feature of Fibermaq Multicolors is the airless gelcoat application gun, which reduces the emission of particles in the air and reduces raw materials waste. “In addition, Fibermaq Multicolors gun’s design enables the performance of any maintenance"", he points out.

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