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Interactive Drape Real-Time Virtual Forming of Woven Materials

31 January 2009

Interactive Prototyping is a new venture to build innovative and interactive software tools for design and manufacture.

Interactive Drape is the first commercially available interactive software tool from them, which enables real-time virtual forming (drape) of woven materials and is specifically designed to investigate producibility and optimise geometric design of parts. It is aimed primarily at the fibre reinforced composites industry but has also found uses in other industries where woven materials are used.

According to Interactive Prototyping, whilst there are other drape simulation tools that can be used to make draping predictions and generate flat patterns, they all rely on algorithms which make simplistic assumptions about the practical forming operation. Any deviation from this automatically generated sequence during the lay-up and the pre-cut ply won't match the tool when formed. Traditional drape simulation software will often not find a solution for complex shapes requiring that the component be divided into separate drapable sections.

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