Sogel Launches Hybrathan Gel Coat for Polyurethane Composites

24 January 2009

Sogel, a North American company specializing in the development of high performance gel coats proudly announces the launch of Hybrathan, a gel coat specially formulated for polyurethane composites.

Currently making big advances in the composites industry, polyurethane composites can be moulded via different processes, including open moulding, press moulding, spray up, vacuum infusion and RTM.

With all the opportunities polyurethane composites offer, Sogel has developed a high-performance gel coat compatible with the closed or open moulding processes applicable to polyurethane composites. Hybrathan is a hybrid formulation that can be applied with standard equipment. For manufacturing class A parts, this gel coat is offered in various colours, as well as special finishes such as metallic, clear and granite. Sogel say that Hybrathan offers excellent adhesion to polyurethane backing, has excellent high-gloss retention and can be applied without porosity. Gel times of 20 to 60 seconds for closed mouldings and 5 to 30 minutes for open mouldings are possible.

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