Urethane Hybrid Resin Introduced for Pultrusion

13 January 2009

Reichhold has introduced a new urethane hybrid resin, DION 31040-00, for the pultrusion market.

Dion 31040-00 is a low viscosity, urethane hybrid resin designed for high performance composite applications. Dion 31040-00 is a medium to high reactivity urethane hybrid resin developed to give excellent impact strength and toughness. It is designed for customers in search of a tough resin with excellent short beam shear properties when compared to conventional polyester and vinyl ester resins. It is specifically designed for closed mould applications such as pultrusion where composite applications demand enhanced mechanical properties.

Additionally, the material was developed to allow customers to simultaneously achieve the flexibility and toughness of polyurethanes combined with the high strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance of polyesters. This material has substantially better impact properties as compared to vinyl esters. This resin is compatible with both nano-clays and carbon fibre materials.

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