New Conveniently-Sized General Plastics Tooling Boards Available

13 January 2009

General Plastics Manufacturing Company has launched new 24” x 60” sheet-sizes for its FR-4500 Tooling Board.

User-friendly sizing makes FR-4500 high-density boards convenient to handle and store, with improved pricing benefits.

New 24” x 60” FR-4500 Tooling Board sizes are now available for shipment in an extensive range of thickness dimensions, up to 12” thick (if desired). Finished boards come in densities of 30, 40, and 50 pounds per cubic foot, and are useful for modelling, visual-styling, mould-tooling, and pattern-making applications.

This improved 24” x 60”FR-4500 Tooling Board sizing results from process enhancements, permitting better factory yields without loss of properties or quality, at lower cost.

According to General Plastics, FR-4500 Tooling Boards are extremely flat and stable, cut easily and make little or no dust when machined. In addition, they say that the product renders fine detail when machined, and all grades are compatible with multiple adhesive, coating, paint, or tooling materials and processes.

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