Axel Introduce New Water-Based Releases at Composites and Polycon

13 January 2009

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories will introduce several new water-based semi-permanent mould releases at Composites and Polycon 2009.

The newest addition to AXEL’s product line is XTEND W-102, a 100% water-based high gloss mould release. The semi-permanent release is quick drying and easy to apply at ambient temperature and requires no heat cure. XTEND W-102 provides excellent slip and durability for polyester, vinyl ester, prepreg and epoxy resins. The semi-permanent release is suitable for many processes including hand lamination, infusion, and RTM.

Other featured products at the expo will include XTEND WHS, a special water-based treatment for mould flanges and edges, and XTEND WCX, a 100% water-based cleaner. These products join AXEL’s wind blade release system designed for epoxy infusion: WS-50, mould sealer, and W-7838D matte finish mould release. All of the products in AXEL’s wind blade release system are 100 % water-based, non-flammable and odourless.

AXEL will also exhibit XTEND solvent –based mould releases for LFI and PU RIM and a vast selection of, resin and process specific, MoldWiz internal mould releases.

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