Arkema to Present Tougheners White Paper at Composites and Polycon

13 January 2009

Arkema will exhibit at Composites and Polycon Tradeshow as well as presenting CRP Tougheners for Use in Composite Systems.

Arkema will demonstrate a cross section of branded products specifically for the Composites industry: Luperox organic peroxides, Solarkote acrylic capstock, BlocBuilder reactivity controller, Nanostrength copolymers for toughening, and Graphistrength multi-wall carbon nanotubes.

Additionally, Dr. Michael Wells, applications engineer for Arkema will present a paper on toughening. “Composite toughening remains one of the most difficult challenges facing the industry today,” says Wells. “Although many systems for altering the flexibility or toughness of a composite system exist, most are difficult to incorporate into formulations and deliver varied results. A new series of toughening systems based on nanotechnology has been developed using a series of block copolymers that self-assemble into nanodomains within the composite matrix.” The presentation focuses on two different mechanisms available and will demonstrate some of the practical results achieved with this novel technology using CRP (Controlled Radical Polymerization).

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