Dieffenbacher and Fraunhofer ICT Work Towards the Future Together

22 February 2009

At the start of 2009, long-standing cooperation partners Dieffenbacher and Fraunhofer ICT intensified their collaboration in the development of innovative fibre-composite solutions, creating an R&D alliance that takes into account new and constantly developing technologies.

The relocation and development of Dieffenbacher’s Technology Center, previously situated in Eppingen, will be complete by the start of 2010.

From this point forward a Development Center located at a neutral site, will provide the opportunity to further developments of fibre-composite components in the compression moulding technology. The pooling of the activities of both institutions – from material and process research to product engineering and production-scale prototyping – harbours synergy effects that will lead to faster innovation and efficient transformation of research and development solutions into industrial products. The image shows a front end assembly carrier made of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic - tailored LFT-D, one example of successful developments from Dieffenbacher and ICT.

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