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Cray Valley Opens New Training Centre in Asia

22 February 2009

To strengthen its service to the composite industry, Cray Valley is opening a third demonstration and training centre in the world, located in South Korea.

After North- America and Europe, where practical demonstrations proved to be so popular, it’s now the Asian continent that will benefit from Cray Valley’s experience.

An opening ceremony will take place the 11th of March, followed by a training session. This first day is organized in partnership with Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP), and is aimed at giving a general training of the main new products and equipments. Other sessions will follow on specific technologies and innovations. Among the full program, some demonstrations will be given on closed mould technologies, brand-new Vinyl Ester resins, Thermaclean VOC-free cleaning agents, gel coat and resin application, tooling system and bonding pastes. The objectives of this new centre are to bring the best assistance to the composite industry, speed-up the use of innovative products and also share Cray Valley’s best composite know-how with the industry.

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