TeXtreme Reduces Weight of Carbon Composite Parts in Formula 1

15 February 2009

The new spread tow fabric, TeXtreme has successfully been used in bodywork on Formula 1 cars enabling weight saving of 25-30%.

By replacing traditional carbon fibre reinforcements with the spread tow fabric, several Formula 1 teams have been able to produce composite parts that are 25-30% lighter than the parts produced using regular reinforcements. The parts are mostly body panels but tests and evaluation projects are in progress to also produce structural parts.

Through spread tow technology, traditional fabrics made of 1k, 3k and 6k carbon tows can be replaced by fabrics produced from heavier tows like 12k or higher. TeXtreme fabrics are available in areal weights starting as low as 76gsm and several types of different carbon fibres.

”This is a great recognition and proof of the technical superiority of the Spread Tow Fabric concept and we see a great potential in the use of TeXtreme throughout the whole racing industry”, said Andreas Josefsson, VP Business Development at Oxeon AB.

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