Quickstep Signs Second Joint Strike Fighter MoU

08 December 2009

Australian advanced materials company, Quickstep Holdings Limited, has signed a MoU to supply composite Vertical Tail (VT) skins for the new multi-nation Joint Strike Fighter.

The MoU is with Melbourne-based Marand Precision Engineering and would involve Quickstep manufacturing VT skins utilising advanced composites, which are both light and strong. These skins would be supplied to the non-US partners in the JSF program, including Australia, the UK and Canada.

The deal is currently expected to account for over 700 pairs of Vertical Tails.

“The opportunity to manufacture doors and panels for Lockheed would be a company-transforming deal in itself. It would also give Quickstep the scale and know-how to best provide these VT skins to Marand, BAE Systems and Lockheed,” said Quickstep Managing Director, Philippe Odouard. “Creating a critical mass of advanced composite manufacturing know-how and capability greatly strengthens our chances of establishing a world class competitive industry here in Australia,” added Odouard.

Marand’s CEO Rohan Stocker said, “we welcome the opportunity to work with Quickstep on the JSF program. Both companies are driven by innovation, technology and vision for an industry in Australia.”

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