Chem-Trend Aims to Prevent Scumming in RTM

04 December 2009

Chem-Trend is backing its system-based approach to provide cleaner release and to prevent mould scumming in the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) process.

Scumming creates a major quality challenge facing the fast-growing use of this process, according to Chem-Trend. Its system-based approach is a first for the RTM process, and was engineered specifically for the industry.

“The use of the RTM process is growing very rapidly,” said George Barton, composite business development director for Chem-Trend. “The utmost suppression of mould scumming is critical for enhanced productivity in the RTM process, particularly on mould B-sides where gel-coat is often not used.”

The Chemlease RTM System comprises a cleaner, primer, sealer and top coat, all designed to work to maximum efficiency when used together. System components are easily applied.

Chem-Trend’s approach to addressing the RTM process challenges stems from its core philosophy of creating purpose designed products based on customer needs, and its goal of increasing customer efficiencies through keeping moulds in production for extended periods.

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