Glass-Filled Nylon Withstands Flexural Forces

03 December 2009

ChemPolymer has introduced a new 17% glass fibre-reinforced nylon 6 compound, which they say can provide the required combination of strength and stiffness required for injection moulded applications that undergo challenging dynamic forces.

According to representatives, Chemlon 217 GI exhibits the high levels of stiffness, flexural strength, and tensile strength called for in dynamically challenging applications like office chairs, outdoor power equipment, outboard motor covers, and gun stock components.

The compound is impact modified and UV stabilized, which would make it suitable for outdoor and low-temperature environments.

“Chemlon 217 GI provides the practical toughness that rugged-use applications require, and it yields an excellent surface even though it is a glass-filled formulation,” said Todd Bresson, national sales manager. “Its outstanding flow characteristics make it suitable for large parts,” adds Bresson.

Bresson noted that a customized formulation of the compound has been used commercially for the one-piece moulded inner shells of office chairs, where exactly the right balance of flexibility and stiffness is needed to combine structural strength with user comfort.

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