ABMACO Launch Composites Guide

21 December 2009

ABMACO has launched its second publication, ‘Composites 2 – Process Technology’.

Launched in conjunction with ABMACO’s 28th anniversary celebrations, ‘Composites 2 – Process Technology’ provides a summary of the main technologies used in the processing of composites or fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP).

The book, which is divided into nine chapters written by representatives of companies involved in a variety of composite industries, covers the processes of hand lay-up and spray-up, RTM, infusion, SMC, BMC, centrifugation, continuous lamination, pultrusion and filament winding.

‘Composites 2 – Process Technology’ is aimed at being a teaching tool and in addition to written material holds hundreds of supporting graphics and illustrations, as well as a range of case studies.

“So far, there was no such material in Brazil with the features of ‘Compósitos 2’. Overall, it is a guide that shows step by step how processors should work to put a certain process in operation. Technologically speaking, it is a useful tool to improve our sector”, said Gilmar Lima, President of ABMACO.

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