New Hydrophobic Epoxy-Based Shed Material for Composite Insulators

17 December 2009

Huntsman has launched Araldite S-HCEP, a new semi-flexible material that has been developed for composite insulators.

Araldite S-HCEP (Shed Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy) is an insulating outdoor system that can be used as housing material for the reinforced fibre core of composite insulators. It delivers intrinsic hydrophobicity, hydrophobicity transfer and recovery similar to Araldite HCEP.

Araldite S-HCEP system is a semi-flexible material. This property helps to absorb the stresses that occur in composite insulator applications. The system has a mix ratio of 1:1 by volume, which manufacturers say makes it suitable for the same meter mix equipment as used for Liquid Silicone Rubber. This is a significant advantage over standard epoxy applications as no stirring, degassing or pre-heating is required, making processing easy with only the simplest equipment.

In addition, Hunstman say that primer treatment of the rod is not necessary, as the epoxy adheres well to this.

The special formulation of the Araldite S-HCEP system also has good tracking and erosion resistance as well as good water diffusion break down strength.

Huntsman report that Araldite S-HCEP is suitable for medium to high voltage insulation applications, offering manufacturers an attractive cost base with low material and processing costs.

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