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Vortex Subsidiary Awarded Trial for Refurbishment of Access Chambers

07 August 2009

Vortex Pipes has been awarded a contract with the Water Corporation of W.A. to refurbish four sewer access chambers in Perth, through its subsidiary, Premium Pipe Services.

The contract involves the refurbishment of four sewer access chambers at various locations in the Perth metropolitan region. Vortex proposes to refurbish the sewer access chambers using a fibreglass and resin liner as a sleeve to provide a sealed structural lining to the old access chamber. The expected effect of this liner is to give the refurbished access chamber a new extended life without having to be replaced.

Vortex Managing Director Trevor Gosatti said the trial is important as the successful completion of the trial with the Water Corporation may lead to ongoing access chamber refurbishment works in the future. It is understood that the Corporation will consider creating a panel of operators in the near future to complete works on a structured program of access chamber refurbishments across the state.

""The company is very pleased to be awarded this trial as we see it as a strategic move to form a stronger commercial relationship with the Water Corporation of W.A., which maintains most of the sewer reticulation networks in Western Australia,"" said Mr Gosatti.

""We believe that the Vortex access chamber refurbishment solution using composite materials is unique and we are pleased to have the opportunity to further demonstrate this to the Water Corporation and the market. The successful completion of these works will assist us in being able to secure future access chamber refurbishment contracts here and interstate,"" he said.

""The Water Corporation has in excess of 11,000 sewer access chambers (constructed from brick and/or reinforced concrete) across the state of Western Australia. Over the decades, sewer gases have caused different levels of deterioration to many of these access chambers and remedial work is required to prevent future failures of these access chambers,"" said Mr Gosatti.

""The market for infrastructure rehabilitation is largely untapped in Australia and in many other parts of the world. Vortex is well-placed to take advantage of the need for governments and other major asset holders to address their aging infrastructure.""

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